100 Days of Laughter.

My wife has placed this challenge ….

The challenge is simple all you have to do is make your partner laugh and laugh so hard that tears roll down their cheeks……

Simple …just make him/her laugh…now thats a challenge to try with all ur heart…

Life can be full of troubles, aruguments,misunderstandings…..but if ur target is to make ur partner laugh u will need to start trying from this moment…u will need to build a strong base of small smiles…and include big smiles, to giggles,broad smiles,laugh and finally the big laughter….let ur homes be a cocoon of laughter.

I found a wonderful method to kick start this challenge…..it is a tried and tested method….continue every conversation with “Yes!!! and.

YES!!! And…try this it works like magic….


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thanks for the reminder…. life’s taken such a toll that we(me & hubby) have really actually forgotten what its like to laugh together….Thankyou….naah… thank your wife, for the wonderful thot!!!

Comment by mamma

we have put up this small handmade poster at home “100 day Challenge”..he he a small way to remind us.

Comment by lemonytree

chooo chweet…:) wats the progress…
may god fill ur home with laughter…

Comment by mamma

thanks….we r trying …on a lighter note my wife learns jokes and narrates them in the evening….mostly she is the only one laughing…but she is trying…thats is important na.

Comment by lemonytree

Really nice writing.. Just loved it… Keep writing!!!

Comment by Rija

Thanks dear!!! Welcome to Lemonytree…

Comment by lemonytree

Good one sir. Small small joys make a big joy. My husband and me really need a big laughout in the current scenario when we both are going through the tough phase of recession. Please suggest some more ways too…

Comment by Archana Sinha

Hold on!!! Will hope and pray things work out fine.It better to face the trouble with a smile, helps to analyse things in a better prespective.

Comment by lemonytree

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