Enough Love…
April 2, 2008, 6:22 AM
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“I love you enough to forgive,

not enough to forget .” (jj08)

wifey & me aruged this point till day break. She strongly says one must never forget …. i say u cannot truly forgive unless you forget.

She says you forget u get hurt again.

I say U dont forget it keeps burning slowly like coal cauing pain.

She says that ensures not to repeat the same mistake.

I am still thinkinn… and the above line popped up.

I came across this short but excellent conversational piece …..enjoi

Two Tibetan Monks meet each other a few years after being released from prison, where they had been tortured by their jailers.
“Have you forgiven them?” asks the first
“I will never forgive them! Never!” replies the second
“Well,” says the first monk, “I guess they still have you in prison, don’t they?”


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i think ur wifey is absolutely right. u shudnt forget. but, think again… u dont relly forget…there cud be dust masking it , maybe even as thick that u think u have forgotten…

Comment by mamma

for me in most cases I honestly can forget..i mean it mamma…but the truth is sometimes it has caused me pain again, which i take in my stride….
I would like to put it like this…my finger gets burnt by a piece of coal…so i hold on to the coal to remind me and ensure i never get burnt again by surprise…else i risk getting burnt again when i am careless….

Comment by lemonytree

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