The Space …. in Between
July 24, 2008, 12:42 PM
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“The space in between two objects is always charged with an energy combination of which transports both to a new place.” jj july08 (This line is under construction… the idea is clear but words need to be arranged)

Thats the reason u instantly fall in love with a person , painting,a building, a book , a piece of music , the place or a palace…ie the mutual energies created by both the bodies help carry both to a different plane.

If both parties enjoy the new energy created by union of these two individual energies, then its magic, love whatever.The resultant energy is what its all about…individual energies get fused to create this new energy , then this is the only energy which exists.

Always be aware of your own energy…be conscious…thats what makes the connection. Sometimes eyes meet and the magic happens thats because both the bodies are in state of mutual benefit,,,one to give other to take, one to drop other to hold, one for space other silence,one to joke other to laugh, one to introspect other to stay….

Woman have a stronger sense of this energy, If they use this sense indepth, maybe many mysteries of life would be solved.Many will nod and smile…let this be a point to be aware of that energy and your ability to detect it.

It is essential to acknowledge the original, respect the original signal….. cause the space in between is where the magic lies!!!

As “Ann” points out its important to let go ,to experience these energy vibrations.Many people avoid this for the fear of getting hurt or past. Waves of an ocean can only be enjoyed by being in them, with them…on amount of stories will help you feel the ocean expect diving in.


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I will wait for the line to finish! And to feel that energy, vibration should reach to each of them at same moment with the same force.
Very Nice thought……..I read somewhere, space is always necessary to give meaning to sentence..really, space is where the magic lies!


Comment by neilina

thanks…if u can help complete the line please feel free…cause u have taken the right beat..& very true…vibration ,it mostly does reach at the same moment, thats the beauty.
its the space in between the bars that holds freedom…

Comment by lemonytree

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