Control in thot, Nirvana in Action.
July 31, 2008, 10:03 AM
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“Learn to work on your thought, for action can be a little late.” JJ’08


It is always easier and better to keep check on ur thoughts, which are completly in your control. For these are completly generated by inner senses, unlike during action where the extrenal senses add to the thought.

Your challange is to understand this and work at root level or thought level.Dont let your external senses fool you that they can help during the action. The external senses are designed to forward thought not control them, thats the design. A strong inner thought in control make it easier to control external action. Work on your thoughts attain Nirvana.


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Intersting! But how to work, I mean what will be the result, where we can see?

Comment by neilina

How to work? Neilina…thats a tough question, nevertheless, Each person decides whats good and bad so i will not get into that arena, personally let me give u a small example…I work on creative concepts, cracking an idea needs intense concentration, and the word concentration gets the mind off the handle..it flys to places of no relevance.At this point the challenge is not to aviod the thot but , be aware of it and let it pass slowly but surely come back to ur principal thot…the effort has to be effortless…

What will be the result… The result is a deep sense of victory which grows with each passing thot or event.

Where can we see the result… in ur actions, thoughts and urself. You become nirvana person, where ur actions and thots go hand in hand…bliss.

one more example , u decide to diet…

Case 1. time 2 PM u reach for lunch hungry,a lavish buffet laid out, now visually ur eyes r on a feast, ur senses of smell are at their best and taste buds and already feel the taste of hot butter paav bhaji with lime….difficult to say no to a hungry stomach and unfair too..

2.Case 2. Time 11 Am U work with urself when u r still not hungry, tell ur senses we need to aviod oil rich food…Time 12 : visualise a nice salad with lime and also enjoying it. work this in ur mind a couple of times…Time 2 am: by the time u reach for lunch u r a much stronger person.

Hope this helps, salad is a very simple example this method can help overcome a lot of unwanted habits once u r aware of it…and work on it earlier, pre act stage. All the Best!!!

Comment by lemonytree

“Control ur thots”- beautiful thot!!! and every well explained….Thanks to Neilina for the Q.

Comment by mamma

But sometimes thots can scare u!!! u begin to think was that u, or a devil within…scary , but true…

Comment by mamma

very well said mamma….its sometimes like “Am I a part of the devil or the Devil part of me”.Earlier i spend a lot of energy trying to control these random thoughts which were mostly futile and draining…now i let them pass i stay back and watch…its eaiser.

Comment by lemonytree

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