Brand Me!!! Tiger Eyes…
August 14, 2008, 10:24 AM
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“Eyes of a honest person always shines like that of a Tiger”

An honest attempt to explain:Tigers kill for a living and the honesty sets the record straight, the others are aware and need to act accordingly that’s it. Have u ever seen a tiger act like sheep, thats the kind brutal honesty you need to own and display. What you will have might be few and little but each will truly be yours and for life.

I need to work on this …..

Another thought keeping the brand perspective:

“A honest brand always connects with a customer, just like a honest person”

It is easier for a brand to be honest , people need to work harder.

I have a report to finish so bye….please add ur  comments.


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Eyes speak everything. But, there should be someone to make out these shinning eyes…don’t you think in today’s world we are moving far from this, there is an illusion covering us.

Comment by neilina

Neilina: Well!!! No matter how fast that’s one shine u just cannot miss. For its radinat, like your poems.

Comment by lemonytree

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