Free Personality Test!!! (Blue Mountain)
March 2, 2009, 10:54 AM
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You are assigned the task of finding the BLUE Mountain, you walk through a misty forest path, covered with green trees on either side .You are walking alone for a long distance along the path.

As you are walking, suddenly across that path stands a wall blocking your way, Taller than you (3 times) , length that you cannot see the end on either side.


What would be your next step ?

Write your Answers with explanation in the comments Section ,Also Describe the wall that you see .

I will send your Personality Analysis to your mail ID.

(This test has been designed by the author and has been researched with over 500 applicants. The results are a summation of this study.)


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The wall is a big, broad, white painted wall….slightly crude finish like in village homes. I would maybe try get on to the tree closest to the wall and try seeing what lies behind the wall and if alls well, maybe try use the branches to cross the wall…

Comment by mamma

you always weigh your decisions for long…u prefer to know the outcome of ur actions before u act . you are a perfectionist. you love to travel and take risks. U r a kind of person who plans in detail….(in detail soon)

Comment by lemonytree

Paint the wall blue …and voila !!! that’s the blue mountain i’m looking for…

Comment by Anonymous

voila….optimistic to the core…creative and honestly u will need a big brush!!!

Comment by lemonytree

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