Letting go…
March 12, 2009, 2:29 PM
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“Don’t pull too hard, else i will let go.”JJ’09

we always fought hard and often made up before the next day (sometimes 3 am).It was fun fighting on the bed each tugging hard for the sheet, but this line changed it all…don’t pull to hard, else i will let go.


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Hello there, just returning the visit and enjoying the words. I imagine I’ll read them in a different way to how you wrote them but I presume that is your point? For others to take what they need from them. It’s like a hat that fits all sizes but is worn a little differently by everyone who tries it on. I’m rambling now! Thank you for the vist.

Comment by daffy

But, why do we fight???
They say love can see no flaws – the one u love never falters – in your eyes….. then why do we fight???

Comment by mamma

do we fight…
coz there no more love…
Is fight another form of love??

Comment by mamma

Doesn’t it fall into the same category of, “You always hurt the ones you love the most”? Still not an answer though…
I’d go with fighting being another form of love… I think you have an inner trust and understanding of a loved one so it feels safer to fight with them… perhaps.

Comment by daffy

I think I may have just answered someone else’s comment in error… sorry about that… well I guess it all adds to a discussion.

Comment by daffy

Thank you Daffy…in response to comment 1: the idea is just that…to let each one take their share of the sheet…actually ur cap example is better…

Thank you Mamma 2 and 3:the whole idea was about trust …letting go is the easist thing…work at it.y do u fight for something..mainly cause u care…be thankful for ur fights… and let them be lill fights of polishing rough edges. “thorns add to the beauty of rose” some poet must have written these lines somewhere.

thank you Daffy comment 4 and 5: u r welcome, well said…its all about trust….the lines are urs, if they talk to u….feel free to write.

Comment by lemonytree

sometimes at the end of the fight
u get closer than ever,
I do agree letting go is the easiest thing
fighting FOR not AGAINST shows u really care

Comment by MR

True MR….thats the point For and Not Against…fights are welcome…

Comment by lemonytree

what if u really did let go…

1. i would fall for sure…i put my life into the pull and suddenly if u let go i would fall hard.i would be more hurt than u would ever know.my trust would be broken.if i really fought to break i would never fall…but i will fall.

2. I would be lonely with a sheet in hand, which anyway never mattered.

3.I maybe took things to lightly , all those things which were important to you.

4.I forgot the fun of loosing and fought too hard, too often.

5.I forgot i never really fought for the sheet i fought for u.

Its about life not sheets come-on please lets fight ……hello r u there…hello.

Comment by Pree

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