Its yours…
March 30, 2009, 12:29 PM
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“If it still hurts after giving it away, your giving is not complete.”jj09




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“If you love something, give it away.” – CO.

Comment by emuhlee

from your heart….not just physically….Thanks Emuhlee.

Comment by lemonytree

u achieve a deep sense of satisfcation only when u GIVE wholeheartedly….This cant be traded for anything else….

Its not what u give but how u give that makes all the difference!!!

Comment by mamma

Well said mamma!!! How u give…is that makes all the difference.

Comment by lemonytree

Profound, JJ.
Totally agree.
But, sometimes its the hurt that makes the giving worthwhile. Given away but not forgotten!

Comment by Noopur

Absolutely N…the idea is the vaccum should be replaced with sense of pure joy rather than hurt….like giving it to ur kiddo.

Comment by lemonytree

🙂 Yes, JJ

Comment by Noopur

Its yours.

Comment by lemonytree

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