A million dreams away…. (Nominated for Avant Garde Awards)

When I look back...

When I look back...

“Finally, as I lie before my million dreams, a thought brings tear, wish I had put my life into one”  jj09.


Kurdos: To painful to explain….


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dreams … aaah
thats why they are called dreams, the minute its realized we dont credit it as a dream anymore.

On a more lighter note…
what if… all our dreams came true…
all of them, right since we learnt to dream up until now…. 🙂
think about it…

Comment by mamma

and yes, life is hard we have to choose between pursuing our dreams and whats right for our near and dear ones,
only the blessed get to dream and also live the dream…

Comment by mamma

it hurts my soul….

Comment by Pree

thank u Mamma “only blessed get to dream and live the dream”….but does’nt the question still remain Did u try to live ur dream? Did u give it your all?Did u put ur life into one?
its not only about fullfillment of the dream its only about giving your 100% for ur dream.thats all…i jus wanna be sure i did my best…results time will tell.

What if all my dreams came true? mamma
is’nt that just another dream….but then if it did then i would dream some for u too….just to make it come true…and then dream about making all dreams come true.

Comment by lemonytree

Thank you lemonytree!!!
my heart aches now….
Up until now… all that i dreamt of were like stars shining in the dark, right before my eyes, jus bringing a tiny smile….and me telling myself “that was wat i dreamt of”.
Now as i gaze at those stars thru a telescope(ur thots have driven me to do so)…
it does bring a tear to my eye.

And yes, i still dream that i will put my life into atleast one of my dreams… not now, but maybe later when i can spare sometime for my dreams that i dreamt jus for myself….

Comment by mamma

Now is the time and this is it!!!All the best!!!May u dream and ur dreams come true.

Comment by lemonytree

An unrealized dream is a wish waiting to be fulfilled.
Its never too late to do so…
I wish that you dream more and wish more and are led to fulfill all your wishes one by one…no matter what the age!

Comment by Noopur

Thanks a ton , I just have one big dream!!! Wish u the same…

Comment by lemonytree

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