Forgiving A Stone.

“Can I forgive a stone, if it hurt me ?” jj09.

Kurdos: this line has been on me for some time now, and i was not very sure it would connect ….So I read this line to a 60 yr old last evening and he kept quiet for a long time then said…”my dad used to say something like this  & i still have not learnt to forgive myself”.That was it….he had taken my line to another level and so i decided to pen it.

Can i forgive myself ?  Can I accept facts as they are and learn to live in peace.Can I learn forgive myself not wait to be forgiven forever.


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Forgiveness, more than anything, provides a comforting relief to the person forgiving than the person being forgiven..so it should be twice as satisfying to be able to forgive yourself..


Comment by sang

Very true Sang…i was really wondering if this line would strike a chord….am still on the line…thanks again.

Comment by lemonytree

its much easier forgiving another….
forgiving self is the toughest!!!
Coming to terms with your flaws and mistakes is another form and attaining Nirvana….

Comment by mamma

very true…its another form of nirvana!!!

Comment by lemonytree

With your permission, another interpretation of your line could be…..

If a stone hurts you, your first reaction would be to get angry with the stone,
but you will soon realize that you actually, are angry with yourself!!!

Coz it really doesnot matter how badly the stone hurt you, but what matters is you let the stone hurt you.
so its not about forgiving the stone but forgiving yourself…..

Comment by mamma

Bang on.Mamma..thats the point…dont look out for forgiveness…forgive yourself first.

Comment by lemonytree

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