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April 22, 2009, 10:29 AM
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“Can I love you some more?” jj09

Think about this question from

Mother to a child

A Husband to his wife

You to a complete stranger.

Is there something like more love…in its purest form , can a mother love a child some more.Dig deep and look at how you feel about this question with respect with anyone you care.


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The only emotion that is simple and complex at the same time is LOVE!!!
But one things for sure, Love cannot be measured; EVER!!!
Actions and display of emotions could vary depending on a lot of factors, but LOVE is just LOVE!!!

Comment by mamma

In the sense to love more is to forgive more, understand more, be present, be aware, love more.

I someone asked if i would want more of these i would say sure!!! so then the same applies to me…maybe i can love more….

Comment by lemonytree

yes, lemonytree… we can all love more….
if only we could love more… as you rightly said; forgive more, be present, be aware, just love more…. we will all be so much more happier.

Comment by mamma

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