The Day I Met the Devil !!!

“A warm  day, I sat there sipping my coffee,

As sunlight bounced of  the transparent leaves, while few managed avoiding them,

The fragrance of the coffee filled my senses,

Thats when she walked in her short top and skirt, she looked hot,

I returned to my paper , saw her sit a few tables away,

My glance caught this guy staring at her, from a distance,

He was literally undressing her with his eyes,

He stared at her like she was an object,

The lust in his eyes made me wonder if all men were like this,

I could almost read his thoughts, i saw the devil in him,

What he did next shocked me the most,

He walked away with his folding stick,

That day i met the devil.” jj10


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simply amazed at how you have put it down!!!
its so true, the devil is within us…

LT: Thanks Mama….fresh from the bakery need to still fine tune the lines….do suggest.

Comment by mamma

they are at their best when Fresh from bakery….like a cake before icing…only then you get to taste the real cake…..

its perfect!!!

LT: Thanks , u really boost my ego. 😉

Comment by mamma

When I read this, I couldn’t help but laugh. Oh yes, the devil is one SOB.

LT : U bet Zyhr, the beauty is we always fail to see the real devil.

Comment by Zyhr - Three Dimensional Schizo

Really touching!!!

LT: Thanks Deeps.

Comment by Deeps

Its superbly BRILLAINT chief,,,,,knocks down the ‘REAL YOU’

LT: Thanks!!! Some ideas are u jump in to a pond without knowing the outcome and u return with a bag of gold, this one was like that….

Comment by Tiger

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