Benchmarking Love!!!
July 10, 2010, 9:32 AM
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She told, she loved him more than me, i am thankful, for now I am the bench mark of love. jj10


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“you are what you love,not what loves you”.let the you in you smile t all times !!! perk up!

Comment by Anonymous

whaoooo….what do i say!!! thank you.

Comment by lemonytree

that means she said – She still loved u, isnt’t it; “more or less” is jus relative… 🙂

Comment by mamma


Comment by lemonytree

ok… got it… u didnt quiet agree!!!

Comment by mamma

ha ha ha ….no no its not that i dont agree, just that the thought changes a lot of internal equations, so was avioding it.

Comment by lemonytree

Stop looking for cracks 🙂

Comment by mamma

Point Point Point!!!

Comment by lemonytree

Let me give you a different equation….”Wife telling the husband that she loved him(their son) more than him(husband)”.

Comment by mamma

You have put a spin to the whole concept…now i need to think….makes me feel better as a benchmark.

Comment by lemonytree

Glad that u feel better!!!
jus to share with u…i keep cycling thru different states of mind – sad, which leads to hurt, frustation, anger, then at the peak of anger i transition into peace with self(helps with peace with others), which helps in understanding, and then happiness. right now i am in happiness phase of my life – dunno why. but i have noticed one thing, i now see everything in a positive frame of things – everything including the lines u write….
hope u r always in the Happiness state of mind!!!

Comment by mamma

I fully fully agree with you!!! its like a cycle of life!!!May u remain long in the happiness state of mind.

Comment by lemonytree

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