start the fire
August 13, 2010, 11:13 AM
Filed under: Inspiration & Motivation

“Rather than wait, to start something new, its better to start and expect them to join.” jj10

Kurdos: Start now…


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Beautiful line… can be interpretd in different ways…
In one context… It is the sign of a leader…

Another perspective…even as a common man, we each could start something rather than wait…
We can be the first one
to smile
to give a hug after a fight
to help someone in pain(physical or mental)
to kick your friend when they are committing a blunder……

Comment by mamma

very true…i am also thinkin jogging and exerise….excuses to not start is not having company…..

Comment by lemonytree

have been wanting to learn to drive…. my excuses- i dont have time to even have a relaxed meal, so when can i join the classes… 🙂
maybe these things we dont start are still not in the critical bucket for us even though we want to believe it is…. thats the reason we keep pushing these things off…
naah… thats one more excuse… we are just lazy 🙂

Comment by mamma

yeha…its a nessicity in todays time…think how proud ur lill ones will be…come on start the drive.

Comment by lemonytree

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