September 3, 2012, 4:29 PM
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Wounded, bleeding and half alive the panther walked into his lair, the sorrow in his eyes were more painful than the wounds on him. The dark clouds thundered his cry and the lighting shone on his glassed eye. This was not the first time he was hurt, but this time, it was his own.They had attacked on his right and repeatedly , his strong side.

He didn’t even bother lick the wounds, it was almost like he was enjoying the pain or letting the pain turn him numb. Soon darkness fell and a sense of Quiet settled. It was broken by an occasional hoot or howl, as the forest slowly settled to slumber,  a cry cut across, a cry so loud you cld hear a bleeding soul.

Next morning as the forest woke up to the sounds of birds and water gurguling. The panther already awake, and by the stream looked up to the mountains, he wld have to scale his fear soon. Looking at the stream he din quite like wat he saw as the first rays of light reflected the birds in the sky.

He lay under a tree staring at nothing in particular, but the forest,  it now seemed distant. With the blood  dry and flies whom he din mind, they were having a peacful feast he lay half awake, a Doe that wandered by, din seem worried by the presence of the panther. Even the prey could sense he had no intention or spirit to chase a kill.

The mountain falls in the distance sounded deafing,  with a spirit so lost and the cuts so deep he still had to walk upto his final battle. Its always best to deal with your internal demons alone he had learnt young. As a young panther he had wandered these mountains with a wild abandon, now they seemed like rocks. This walk was getting dangerous, he walked precourisly close to the ledge and the clouds gently began to drizzle water onto the  moss covered stones, a gentle slip could well be his last.

They were watching him from a distance, they would never have a better chance to finish him. They moved in silently, today would be the last of the panther. He walked up, the pain had now become him. He too hoped they would get it right, he had noticed them from the corner of his eye. They were trained well….there were 4 of them, ready and well hidden. There was one problem though he was walking too close to the ledge one wrong move could be fatal for the attackers too.

His thoughts drifted away as the veiw from above showed the forest cannopy, the green cover always made him smile not today though. Today he was here for the last battle, a battle that was now into the 5th day. Attack the previous night was brutal, the only reason he was still here was for a promise he once made, who now did not care and would never know. Fear and tears had no room here it would be ruthless and it would be to the end. He knew if the attack was planned right he would be finished. He walked to the edge of the cliff. …an urge to jump off the cliff was broken by the sound of a twig.

If they timed their moves and covered all exists the only way out would be, Torga’ : The fall of death. They say its for the cowards but then the tigers had pushed his father to Torga.

He was looked upon as a son of a torga, a coward. But that was not the father he knew, his father was the one who taught him the ways of life, of sacrifice, of love sharing….how cld his father be a coward. The memories were still fresh when he had walked with his mother to the cliff where his father was last seen. The cliff so deep even the eagles din dare a flight. His father was attacked by the tigers and made him commit Torga, for which his whole clan was banished from the best part of the jungle.

He and his mother were further distanced from the group since then he hunted for the tigers.

Slowly he inched up the mountain the pain searing through his flesh, He was now facing his internal demons, all his weakness were exposed, he was sold out. Only a protegee cld stab him so perfect. A stab that left him alive, but lifeless. His vision began to blur and his legs felt weak. He stumbled to take position, they liked what they saw, finally they got him as they wanted alive, but lifeless.

For years this forest had a rule every summer when the food got scarce and waters ran dry, the stage was set for the great massacare. This part of the jungle was dominated by Tigers and Panthers as the summer sun got to its extreme and all prey was either eaten or being chased and the game of survival unfolded. The build up to the great fight began,when the panthers and tigers began hunting each other. This fight had no rules,  the winners wld get the best part of the jungle. But after the Torga incident the panthers had never put up a fight they were left at the periphery to eat the leftovers. Any Panther who xrossed the line would be torn to bits. None but the Torga boy , he walked there, with strange sense about him that kept the young tigers away and the older ones kept off his gaze.

Neither did he walk in too deep nor did he linger there for long, he would make his kill and walk out like he owned the forest. He never in his heart accepted that his father had committed Torga. So in his heart he still owned the forest.He walked with a wild abandon that made them think twice before any move.He always carried the kill to the panthers side and left it for the young panthers who looked upto him. The olders ones stayed away from him, the son of a Torga the reason for their exile. It really never bothered him not until his eyes meet hers. He was a scrounger in terms of emotions.

A panthera, she was walked with elagance and flair of a princess. She was the only one who dared to look him in the eye. The golden sunset bounced of his brown eyes, he liked the way she looked at him with no prejudice. They shared a bond, a bridge unspoken, like the waves rushing to the shores, rearranging the sand creating a new pattern every time, he was slowly changed unaware . They shared nothing more than a occasional second. The Torga boy, as he was seen felt a strange solace in those eyes, as the last slivers of sunlight filtered through the dense woods, he cld feel her eyes on him. He walked away into the mountains where he spend hours . He was seen trying strange stuff hiding ,crawling, ambush, standing on his Hind legs. The way upto that mountain was dangerous none from the clan ever came there. She always watched from a distance and found his ways amusing.

Will He make it ? What will be his next move ?  ………Contd.


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very well written…. awaiting next episode…..

Comment by mamma

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