How to attain Nirvana. For Free.
January 30, 2017, 1:56 PM
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Not everybody wants to be a doctor, but everybody wants to be enlightened, thats funny.

Its not enlightenment you are looking for, its the greed for power to control other people, read others minds , thats the quest one is after, not enlightenment. Hence the struggle continues, looking for a master who can give you these powers for a fee & no T&C*.

*Self Realisation / Enlightenment always comes with T&C*. (BIG T&C)

An englighted one is he /she who has found the portal to limitless energy.

Each has his/her way of attaining realisation, no two paths can be the same. Yours could be while cooking,writing, swimming, dancing,driving or simply sitting still , anything where you are in your its entirety.

A true enlightened one leads by his/her life. (just that).

The enlightenment also means you can feel the pain of your neighbor of the street beggars, of the dog and the cat and the world, do you have the aptitude and altitude, I mean honestly do you even care or have the time.  Be careful what you wish for.

So Inverse to what people say, Not everyone wants to be enlightened, some are happy with their lives as is. (which is very good too)

Enlightenment needs discipline, discipline and discipline.

We are in an age looking for capsule Nirvana, its impossible.

If it is so good, I always wondered why the sages or gurus did not want to teach everybody, it because we are happy as we are. They teach the hungry not the Greedy.

My neighbour has big car, I want one too. He has attained Nirvana I want one too…. WHY ( thats the answer not the question)

Most Men and women in Mumbai are performing various forms of complex Yoga while traveling on the Mumbai local (just that they don’t have exotic names, Like Ek Haatha, ek Tanga, Twisted Smileeshwar Assana… looking at these poses even the Yogis will be shocked). If only somebody told you that is also a way to reach enlightenment , you would do it happily and attain it. ( Local Train yoga its the best way for Mumbai…will tell you how & why latter)

When you meet an enlightened / self realised one, all your doing is celebrating his/her life ( which is good) but its not your path.

If it were possible to transmit or transfer, all self realised ones would have had successors they have None(at-least would have taught their children its impossible to teach or transfer) because it is their path not yours.

Look at a simple Saint like Mother Teresa no Kriyas , no restrictions, no rules only serve the poor selflessly, yet has no successors.

Its because we want the power, without the labour.

For your path is yours & No Saint can take you there. They can show you a vague, very vague direction, give you a few tips and tricks , but never take you there, for even they wouldn’t know where your portal lies. jj’17 (overflow)

Pls read with an open mind not to judge the writer but to understand your own feelings & forgive me for taking this position to write, but its just overflow and it had to go. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.

( Humbly request you to not Shift CCP, If you connect with it, Do Feel free to Share)


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