.Here am I with some lemony views of life!!!

Father of a 3 Year Old…Husband of Pretty Woman …Brother of tigress…Mama of 2 lill dudes…Mumbaite at heart and Keralite in Spirit…Christan by faith and Hindu by actions. Blessed with some of the world’s best people as friends.

Hi!!! have a chilled glass of  lemon soda….a  place under a shaded lemon tree  is where u have reached..sip a few lemony views and tangy thoughts on life, as fragrance of crushed lemon leaves linger….

“Each line here is written by me**. “These lines have been internally processed for Years, sometimes few Months & some a few Nano Fractions .” ….but its these nano seconds that are the longest, its like time travel.

This line for instance “Now is the time and this is it”might not be profound line , but for me as an indiviual it strikes a chord which propels me into action, in the same way each line has a deep internal trigger. If these trigger similar or close emotions within you, then you have reached a place where you will find some intense questions and simple answers. If it triggers an avalanche of emotions please pen them down , they are yours and let them transform your life.

Each of these lines are a result of hundreds of books , movies , lots of paintings, inventions,arguments,  debates with my wife and friends and more importantly the thought of tangy lemon . And comments from friends like you who pass by…

Each line has depth and I can explain them.  I will be happy to hear ur views & respect your comments. What is written here is not absolute, but it will help you find your absolute, that i promise.If you are willing to explore!!!

Join me on this journey.   Here’s another squeeze of lemon …. Do you like it  Sweet or Salted?

 Lets explore the lemony side life… as the fragrance of sliced lemon lingers .

*if there are ideas/lines/stories that does not belong to me, it will be marked with an * in the title. The only reason they are here are cause they share a similar lemony effect.

**I say this Humbly , sometimes the lines written here when i research latter are identical to those written by greats many years before (people i have never heard off)…i felt like an ant to write those lines…so i had given up writing those lines…but now i first write them without fear, then research, cause they are truly mine.

*** Sometimes these lines are like almost told to me by some energy…when i look back these lines ,they are so profound that it takes me days to understand.So Thank you!!!


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happy tangy….citrus mix.

Comment by lemonytree

Every line u write has as much depth as u urself!!!

Comment by mamma


Comment by ridlocepheid

Hello there and thanks for the recent comment…It was much appreciated..
Personally I like my lemons tasting sweet, but each to their own LOL..
You have a really cool site, So shall pop by again soon, and often.
Take Care of You..:O}

Comment by Reah

your one liners mirror the ocean of thoughts you embody. it does trigger ones grey cells. keep it up, you “man of few words”

Comment by Hareesh Elayath

Thank you!!! Do visit again and post ur comments!!!

Comment by lemonytree

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