en-route success

“If I ever fall an inch before the finish,  look not how little was left, but look how far I have come.”jj10


Crazy Fool!!!
April 20, 2010, 10:26 AM
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“Its better to be the crazy fool dancing ,rather than being the crazy fool watching.”jj10

Kurdos: Its better to make the best of life rather than waste time commenting on others….need not dance like the fool least dance like the one who is a part of the rythm of life……i least was crazy enough to write this….

Free Fall

“A bud transforms into a flower, only when the petals risk a free fall.”

When do you plan yours?

Mentor, Trainer or Sculptor.

“To Hit a stone repeatedly at the same place, so as to chisel it but, not break it needs lots of dedication,determination,vision and love”jj09

Kurdos: That’s also the role of a trainer, coach, teacher or a mentor to make beautiful things out of regular stones. Have the determination to work repeatedly on a ordinary looking rock and have the vision to see the David.The challenge is to not break it.

A Class Apart.

                       “To think and Do is an Act….Involuntary is Class.”

Kurdos: The trick is…when u think and do continuously it eventually becomes a habit. Habit then become involuntary.That is what a class of people are made up off.