unless you have a mission!!!
January 22, 2011, 10:43 AM
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“its easy for dead leaf to float on water, unless it has an ant to save.”jj11


Kurdos : Unless you have a goal ,life’s like a dead leaf on water. Its not always easy to find your personal goal, but its important to keep looking.


en-route success

“If I ever fall an inch before the finish,  look not how little was left, but look how far I have come.”jj10

The Day I Met the Devil !!!

“A warm  day, I sat there sipping my coffee,

As sunlight bounced of  the transparent leaves, while few managed avoiding them,

The fragrance of the coffee filled my senses,

Thats when she walked in her short top and skirt, she looked hot,

I returned to my paper , saw her sit a few tables away,

My glance caught this guy staring at her, from a distance,

He was literally undressing her with his eyes,

He stared at her like she was an object,

The lust in his eyes made me wonder if all men were like this,

I could almost read his thoughts, i saw the devil in him,

What he did next shocked me the most,

He walked away with his folding stick,

That day i met the devil.” jj10

Do not judge the mirror.

“Judge either your own creation or the one you have been invited to, all else is to experience.”jj10

Kurdos : When you see, eat,hear, feel something new, learn to expirence it, rather than to judge it, the minute you get into act of judging , you lose the learning, you assume a position of being bigger than the object in focus. New taste,music, movie or fabric learn to expirence the feel and learn a new lesson that life is trying to teach you.

It is better to be humble and enjoy the learning, than be egoistic and loose the goodness.

Mentor, Trainer or Sculptor.

“To Hit a stone repeatedly at the same place, so as to chisel it but, not break it needs lots of dedication,determination,vision and love”jj09

Kurdos: That’s also the role of a trainer, coach, teacher or a mentor to make beautiful things out of regular stones. Have the determination to work repeatedly on a ordinary looking rock and have the vision to see the David.The challenge is to not break it.

Forgiving A Stone.

“Can I forgive a stone, if it hurt me ?” jj09.

Kurdos: this line has been on me for some time now, and i was not very sure it would connect ….So I read this line to a 60 yr old last evening and he kept quiet for a long time then said…”my dad used to say something like this  & i still have not learnt to forgive myself”.That was it….he had taken my line to another level and so i decided to pen it.

Can i forgive myself ?  Can I accept facts as they are and learn to live in peace.Can I learn forgive myself not wait to be forgiven forever.

i am happy….
April 3, 2009, 10:31 AM
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“Fortunately or Unfortunately, Happiness is but a choice.” jj09