A Monk by fstop’s

“The best way to learn humility and be humble is to carry a camera, u will be forced to find beauty in everything u look at”jj15


Stranger in my mirror!!!
May 24, 2011, 11:08 AM
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“Slept in her arms that night and woke up a stanger to myself”.jj11

Kurdos : well wat do i say!!! living an emotion in words.

A smile for every fight!!!
July 7, 2010, 10:15 AM
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“to smile today, just think of the fights you had yesterday” jj10


Kurdos : Don’t take your fights to0 seriously.

Free Fall

“A bud transforms into a flower, only when the petals risk a free fall.”

When do you plan yours?

Did Monalisa Smile for you?

” You can create a Masterpiece,but its upto a Masterpiece to find you”jj09


Kurdos:You can work hard a create a Masterpiece by your standards or world standards that’s upto you, but if you want to find a masterpiece, it’s really not upto you only, its upto the masterpiece to reveal itself to the worthy.So dont doubt a Masterpiece and block you thoughts, have patience and let it reveal itself.

“Study a few ordinary painting if you really wanna understand Monalisa”.

Read a few ordinary books before a Master piece finds you…

A Rainbow smile…
August 21, 2009, 11:46 AM
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“Do you have a rainbow smile?” jj09


Kurdos:”whats a rainbow “she asked, ‘that’s when u have tear in your eye and smile on your lips” he said…..she held him close ……somewhere in the distance people saw a rainbow and wondered why?

I pray the clouds drift away soon….may u have a sunday smile.


Understanding paintings.

I looked at a painting it felt nice.

Monday I understood the meaning.

Tuesday I understood what the artist wanted to communicate.

Wednesday I understood why the artist drew the picture.

Thursday I realised the mood a of  generation when it was painted.

Friday made me realise I had not thought about this for myself

Saturday made me feel I had learnt something new about me,

Sunday I was back in Church,I understood the meaning.

The painting looked at me.