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“The best way to learn humility and be humble is to carry a camera, u will be forced to find beauty in everything u look at”jj15


Rules of life!!!
July 27, 2010, 10:03 AM
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“Great men are not made by rules, but are the ones who make rules and then follow them.” jj10

Kurdos : Even a circus lion follows rules for it has no option. You decide rules on ur terms.  You get up at 6:45 to reach office on-time, but the day you  decide to get up by 6 for your own good, you will have turned a new chapter. The rules applies to every aspect of life. So create your own rules and live by them with passion.


Trust n save time.

 “trust  or dont anything in between is waste of your time.”

Take your stand saves a lot of your internal energy and time.

Forgiving A Stone.

“Can I forgive a stone, if it hurt me ?” jj09.

Kurdos: this line has been on me for some time now, and i was not very sure it would connect ….So I read this line to a 60 yr old last evening and he kept quiet for a long time then said…”my dad used to say something like this  & i still have not learnt to forgive myself”.That was it….he had taken my line to another level and so i decided to pen it.

Can i forgive myself ?  Can I accept facts as they are and learn to live in peace.Can I learn forgive myself not wait to be forgiven forever.

i am happy….
April 3, 2009, 10:31 AM
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“Fortunately or Unfortunately, Happiness is but a choice.” jj09

A million dreams away…. (Nominated for Avant Garde Awards)

When I look back...

When I look back...

“Finally, as I lie before my million dreams, a thought brings tear, wish I had put my life into one”  jj09.


Kurdos: To painful to explain….

tickle my senses
March 31, 2009, 12:33 PM
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Somewhere in the distance....

Somewhere in the distance....

“If any new idea makes you uncomfortable, rejoice there is a learning to be tapped”

Right or wrong…new or old something to be explored.