KJ Yesudas Live Show-Mumbai

Last night we walked in for a live performance ….it was wonderful.If  you get an oppurtunity do not miss ….Yesudas Live!!!

It was at Shanmukhananda Hall Sion (E) the line was so long..that it was thrilling…aunties and uncles…little older people all dressed and ready..it was a gr8 feeling….the hall was soon full.The acostics of the Hall is excellent..the tempture was perfect and the staff cordial…the crowd well behaved and cell phones off…the stage was set and the last ring put an end to the wait….& When Padmashri Yesudas walked on to the stage dressed in white it was  magical.

It was wonderful to see the father and Son, Mother and Daughter Combo light up the stage…from absolute classical tracks to Shivaji,Muthu to Old Hindi film Tracks …the ever green Gori tera goan….to devotional songs…to Malayalam …Kannan enthine Karapu nirum, Films Hits..like Bharatham.I wanted to close my eyes and get lost in the song but at the same time wanted to watch the master sing…but then with Yesudas’s voice you can be transported into magical places even with your eyes open.

I flew from a chruch to a temple….walked to the tops of the mountains…..while some songs brought back my childhood days , songs loved by my dad …..some triggred tears of joy…others made me want to dance…..it was a maltitude of emotions…even tears feared to fill up eyes for loosing a view.

Vijay Yesudas also took the crowd by storm, his voice was clear and has all the making of a good singer….Sujata …was wonderful as always…her daughter Shweta had he first stage performnce with Yesudas…i was only thinkinn how lucky she was….you could see the glow on the lilltle lady’s face and fear….Yesudas told the audience that he had heard Sujatha singing when she was still a little gal at Guruvayoor temple and today is proud to sing with her daughter…when she sang it was melodious and sweet….when u have patriach like Yesudas…..

Dressed in whites the man looked young as bee….in Yesudas’s words “parents should not enforce their choices onto kids rather help them develop their talents better”…..”Luck plays a vital part in a man’s sucess”…”There is a supreme power above all ,we should respect that power irrespective of your relegion and hence respect all relegions as equal”…..

The team finished with “JANA GANA MANA”……It was a dream come true and I am still in trance….


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live shows always stir up a nostalgia…
it takes u down the path to those good old times when we were kids and our only sources of entertainment were restricted TV times, even more restricted cinema time and the much awaited
live shows…dance, drama and the unforgetable orchestra.
still remember how, as we dressed for the orchestra show, mummy wud pack hot pakodas and water…and not to forget the sweaters, scarfs and shawls. And off we went to watch the show…. wat pleasure we derived from these little events…those were the times when life was beautiful thanks to our parents.
Ironically we earn much more than our parents did… even a leisurely dinner at Taj/Oberoi cannot get us that sense of pleasure and content….So much for the sophisticated world we built for ourselves….

Comment by mamma

Well said….same here have some wonderful memories of my childhood thanks to my parents, the stage, the crowd, the sweater hmmmm…I think, we as parents need to create these small reasons of joy, after all that’s all that really matters. Disney World or a local Mela all we remember are the experiences.

Comment by lemonytree

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