Soul N Intelligent Films.


Heart warming /brain tickling films:Some funny , some serious , but all wonderful films….All of them filled with Hope and Love.


1.Shawshank Redemption

2. Ray

3. Little Miss Sunshine

4. Notting Hill

5. Crash

6. Wooden Camera

7. Shipping News

8.  A walk in the clouds.

9.   The Prestige

10. Pay Forward

11. Polar Express (XMas Sp.)

12. I am David.


 Please help add to the list…..

SR: Review

On one of my many tours across the country, Its late,I am still not sleepy, I skipped dinner and wanted to fall asleep before feeling hungry.  The bellboy got me a bottle of water. The well made bed with white bed covers were a signature of this place.I pref red to sleep soon, had a early next day.

The television threw the regular pictures of grief at me. Finally I decided to utilize my time better, and clicked on my laptop decided to watch “Shawshank Redemption”, I have been carrying around this movie for a very long time finally I hit Play. The less I say the better, it about this guy who is brought into prison for murdering his wife.


His time in the prison &  friends. I would love u o watch this movie, so I will not disclose more. As the final frames flickered on my laptop and credits began to roll, my heart was filled with this huge sense of joy. I cant tell u , I shut the laptop and sat on my bed , the lights off..and I am feeling happier, like I am floating…tears trickled down by cheeks. No apparent reason, I have a broad smile on my lips. I feel like an idiot,I cant explain the tears…but the happiness is overwhelming. Such a simple script, such lovely story. Fills your life with hope…tons of it. If you are in a difficult phase, or  just having time watch this heart warming movie. I just did not want the feeling to pass away, i wanted it to linger on like the fragrance of  lemon leaves for ever.



Pl. Add films which touched your soul or tickled ur grey cells.



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on one of the nights post fights 🙂 with hubby, hubby and beti deep asleep, me wondering what

to do??? No sleep :). I was browsing thru my collection of movies on my laptop and decided to

watch Seven Pounds jus coz it had Will Smith. It was almost 2:00am when i started to watch and

i felt i was about to ruin one more night of my much needed sleep(have a very hectic work/home

life). Its about this guy who has survived an accident(other lives lost) and he strongly

believes he was the cause of it all.
So he is out to set things right for other people not so previliged in life. The best part of

the movie is his strong love for his wife who is no more. Its am amazing movie with amazing

emotions. i cried and laughed with Smith thru out the movie……Beautiful thoughts and

beautiful movie. It was around 4:00am when the movie finally came to an end. AND i knew i had

not ruined my night. No sleep lost, but gained – lots of faith in mankind and its ability still give inspite of all the greed that exists in this world…..
not a great writer like u. but ur blogs have inspired me to write….
jus my thoughts with no edits….

JJ: Thank you for ur time & such a wonderful post. I have not seen this movie But I surely will…..do visit often.Your comments inspire me to write more.

Comment by Mamma

Really Mamma some movies do stir emotions which we wish stayed ofr ever….and you have written so well…come on start ur own blog and get on …u r good at it.

Comment by lemonytree

Thank you lemonytree for ur comments…. may be i will someday… until then, may i with your permission use your blog. Strictly only in reply to ur blogs:)

Comment by Mamma

🙂 happily !!!

Comment by lemonytree

Oh!! so many movies that I would want my friends to watch. But the one I got so much engrossed in and watched twice back to back is the only movie “Apocolypto”.( I’m more sure many of you would have watched it already..) I’m a fan of Mel Gibson movies.. But this movie is quite special to me..

It’s a story about an insecured, fearful, not so confident tribal boy who became the Jaguar of the forest and overcome his fear finally…Must watch guys.

Comment by Archana

thats ofcourse a wonderful film…

Comment by lemonytree

Another beautiful film thats talks about hope and survival is “Castaway”
an almost silent movie, but you can see the dialogues(not hear)….
a must watch for movie lovers….

Comment by mamma

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