Do not judge the mirror.

“Judge either your own creation or the one you have been invited to, all else is to experience.”jj10

Kurdos : When you see, eat,hear, feel something new, learn to expirence it, rather than to judge it, the minute you get into act of judging , you lose the learning, you assume a position of being bigger than the object in focus. New taste,music, movie or fabric learn to expirence the feel and learn a new lesson that life is trying to teach you.

It is better to be humble and enjoy the learning, than be egoistic and loose the goodness.


Face Reading.

     “Somehow, all that you do mysteriously adds up onto your face” JJ09

Kurdos:every face tells a story…the laugh lines,eyes,ur frowns they all add up onto ur face and then u can look at a face and say…that’s a good old man, thats a very sweet soul.Make sure u add the right lines.


Am I God Today?
September 25, 2008, 10:43 AM
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Creating something new is like playing God for that moment.”jj Sep’08

People adore creators , engineers, architect’s,doctors,chefs,artists,writers anybody and everybody who can use the ordinary and create the extraordinary is always revered. Because somewhere during the creating of that something new the creator has played God. That power is something one cannot refuse.

Think about it a new painting, new dish, new design, new formulae,new music,new book, we adore and admire it. Come to think of it anything new is an opportunity to play God maybe for a nano second.

Every person has an ability to create something new, and if each of us could do so ,  this world would be a magical place.

Another stem to the thot why are actors such big stars::::::: Taj Mahal is a work of art/ love and can be appreciated without its creator the same does not apply to an actor and hence the art and the artist is the same, we end up adoring the artist as much as the art.