Do not judge the mirror.

“Judge either your own creation or the one you have been invited to, all else is to experience.”jj10

Kurdos : When you see, eat,hear, feel something new, learn to expirence it, rather than to judge it, the minute you get into act of judging , you lose the learning, you assume a position of being bigger than the object in focus. New taste,music, movie or fabric learn to expirence the feel and learn a new lesson that life is trying to teach you.

It is better to be humble and enjoy the learning, than be egoistic and loose the goodness.


Face Reading.

     “Somehow, all that you do mysteriously adds up onto your face” JJ09

Kurdos:every face tells a story…the laugh lines,eyes,ur frowns they all add up onto ur face and then u can look at a face and say…that’s a good old man, thats a very sweet soul.Make sure u add the right lines.


What an idiot!!!
November 1, 2008, 9:29 AM
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“I kept looking for her bad side and find I did, Now i wish, i had send time looking at her good side”.           JJ Nov’08.

I was determined to find her faults, so i kept overlooking all the good things she had done for me, now that i have found her faults its seems as good or bad as mine. What an idiot e=wish i spend all that time enjoying the good side.