Face Reading.

     “Somehow, all that you do mysteriously adds up onto your face” JJ09

Kurdos:every face tells a story…the laugh lines,eyes,ur frowns they all add up onto ur face and then u can look at a face and say…that’s a good old man, thats a very sweet soul.Make sure u add the right lines.


What an idiot!!!
November 1, 2008, 9:29 AM
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“I kept looking for her bad side and find I did, Now i wish, i had send time looking at her good side”.           JJ Nov’08.

I was determined to find her faults, so i kept overlooking all the good things she had done for me, now that i have found her faults its seems as good or bad as mine. What an idiot e=wish i spend all that time enjoying the good side.