Face Reading.

     “Somehow, all that you do mysteriously adds up onto your face” JJ09

Kurdos:every face tells a story…the laugh lines,eyes,ur frowns they all add up onto ur face and then u can look at a face and say…that’s a good old man, thats a very sweet soul.Make sure u add the right lines.


A million dreams away…. (Nominated for Avant Garde Awards)

When I look back...

When I look back...

“Finally, as I lie before my million dreams, a thought brings tear, wish I had put my life into one”  jj09.


Kurdos: To painful to explain….

Its sorrow not life!!!
September 22, 2008, 3:28 PM
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“Enduring lots of sorrow does not mean you understand life better”.jj

I have come across so many people who trust their understanding of life is better because life has been bitter…am sorry , but i will not bow . To give an example , sorrow is like life under water , there is a whole ecosystem self sufficient there, but it does not mean there are no birds in the sky ,mutually learn depths of the ocean and flights of the sky….360 degree.

“People who expirence a lot of sorrow in life think they understand life better…which i think is sad its just another side of the coin and unless u see both sides the coin is incomplete.