Essence of Life!!!
December 1, 2009, 9:44 AM
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“he who cannot see beyond the colors of a painting, misses not just the essence of the painting but also that of  life.”JJ09


Did Monalisa Smile for you?

” You can create a Masterpiece,but its upto a Masterpiece to find you”jj09


Kurdos:You can work hard a create a Masterpiece by your standards or world standards that’s upto you, but if you want to find a masterpiece, it’s really not upto you only, its upto the masterpiece to reveal itself to the worthy.So dont doubt a Masterpiece and block you thoughts, have patience and let it reveal itself.

“Study a few ordinary painting if you really wanna understand Monalisa”.

Read a few ordinary books before a Master piece finds you…

Understanding paintings.

I looked at a painting it felt nice.

Monday I understood the meaning.

Tuesday I understood what the artist wanted to communicate.

Wednesday I understood why the artist drew the picture.

Thursday I realised the mood a of  generation when it was painted.

Friday made me realise I had not thought about this for myself

Saturday made me feel I had learnt something new about me,

Sunday I was back in Church,I understood the meaning.

The painting looked at me.

Thou Art My Baby
August 25, 2008, 10:50 AM
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She looked at me as I toiled over my work of art,” after all that effort,what if u dont like it tomorrow”.

” What would u do if it were your baby” I asked.

I could hear the silence.

Happy with my line and the reply ,  i narrated this incident to another lady friend and she said…only a man could use such a line , :”like my baby. beacuse they never really understand what it is to have a baby”…now i sit in silence.