A True Story of Hope.(A Candle brunt on 26/11/09)

Best Short Story

Mumbai 29th Nov.08



A small true story
It was like war here…they were so well planned; coordinated and trained…they were here to kill and die.
It was easy for the commandos to get them in an hour…but with the hostages…it was essential to move carefully each survivor was important…..hats off to them they kept their cool and fought bullets and bombs trying to save each life……..
One story close to our home: 
Our maids husband Manoj Negar is a driver at TAJ…she sometimes gets tissue papers with Taj printed on it with a proud smile ” majha nuvra annala..Taj cha aahe”…But the last 3 days was tense in our home too …….the drivers at TAJ were all asked to be standby for these 3 nights during the fight…waiting to carry people to hospitals. She called him many times from our home phone asking him to come back home.He is like a simple guy & she a stern wife and he has been a chauffer at TAJ for some time now. I could hear her scolding him…” TU atta ghari yeh  bhagu…” u better come home ….He refused saying “tyanla majhi jaarooth ahhee ge”..they need me here ….. she would then smile & say …… “laukar yeh”…. I truly felt like an idiot sitting there watching television.
There was this true warrior of the nation without any bullet proof vest out there…..and me in a vest watching TV.
As the fighting continued at TAJ , our house also grew tense, we would stay awake till 4 AM and resume watching at 6AM hoping and praying for all hostages….at one point during the action, all the drivers including Manoj was asked to run in and get the wounded/alive people from the 4th floor……they were told to run back fast drop all and lie down if firing starts…Manoj  ran in with another guy…it was dark inside and the floors slippery….it was a place the drivers had never seen..they ran up the floors ….through the dark corridors of terror, looking for survivors among the bodies in the hallway.
They  found a foreign national on the 4 th floor wounded on right leg bleeding profusely…he was very heavy these 2 could not carry him …so they dragged him …by the time they reached the 3rd floor firing started…the other guy ran ……Manoj continued to drag the man till the 2 floor suddenly the firing intensified….he tried dragging him further…but could not and ran down for cover….after sometime the firing stopped and he wanted to go back…the army did not let him in…..thats when we saw him on TV …..our maid went numb,so did our home..it was only after an hour she got a call saying he is OK and will come home in the morning.
Manoj is home now,  hoping and praying that the man survived……..Manoj did not care for his life….he did not ask why should I go in….and he was not a commando, he was just another Indian.
The maid was telling my wife last night “he did all he could…he tried … now  keeps saying  ‘tho vachala aasel”  he must have survived na.
” me thayala kahli annala asto…pun tey gooli marat hote re….teri me gela….tho far jadda hota . ani mee apla lukda.. …tho vachala aasel hain!!!”””…         ” i could have brought him down  but they kept shooting at us and he was very Fat. and i was too thin to carry him…but i am sure he survived’
Even I don’t know if he survived…but I know one thing that driver was no less than a commando…he risked his life….not thinking about his wife and kids at home…
If he can do it  …I think we can do it for country…without questions…its about India and we need to act like one team.
How many such people must have put their lives on the line….they will never receive a mention, as we discuss the Heroes lets not forgets these unsung Hero’s.
Few Q’s asked and Answers Given :
1. Why didn’t the commandos  hurry up?
Ans: Would u burn your house down if a mouse got into your home..just to kill that mouse soon.
2. Why don’t the commandos just shoot and Kill all and finish it?
Ans: If it was your home and your Mom/ Kid was held hostage would u say the same lines.
3. Why doesn’t the PM speak in harsher Tone?
Ans: What if the whole country took to streets…..and each person decided to do what he thought was right.
4. What do I tell my Kiddo, who is looking at all this killing?
Ans. Explain to them it’s a fight of good v/s evil.
4. What can I do to help?
Ans: I need ur suggestions/ answers to this question….what can we do as citizens of the country from today.

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very well described
but will it happen again ??
have we set a mouse trap yet ??

Comment by MR

Govt won’t tell if they have set a trap….they are worried just incase the mouse hears….so keep on guessinnnn….

Comment by lemonytree


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what we can do is ..remove corruption, those terrorist came because of some corrupt official and then be diligent in our work.

Comment by samvedna

Very true Samvedna!!! we all need to do our bit.

Comment by lemonytree

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This one is really so touching! hats off to the unsung heroes! I hd just read and heard abt the staff @ the hotels .. that they did a lot of things! This is a live account! God bless them!

Comment by Swaram

Very True Swaram!!!

Comment by lemonytree

truly heroic & inspiring 2 the ppl who always behave as spectators.

Comment by aparna

thanx aparna…implies to me also.

Comment by lemonytree

pray god such events do not happen again.

Comment by mrunmai

very true..mrumai..we all need to do our bit by being vigilant.thanks again.

Comment by lemonytree

Nice, very true

Comment by sameer puranik

Thanks for the comment, Sameer!!!

Comment by lemonytree

Thanks. Truely inspiring. There are so many unsung heros in our midst. We need to write and talk about them more often to influence and inspire us.

Comment by Barun

Very true Barun…they are the real hero’s.

Comment by lemonytree

very well described.

LT: Thank you.

Comment by mehavyas

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Amazing.. great post.. im linking back..

LT: Thank you. That’s a fiery visit.

Comment by Quakeboy

I hear you

Comment by Rajat

There is hope….
As long as one human being feels for another…..there is hope

LT: True.

Comment by Nivedita

gr8 article, acutely thanks a ton to share it 😐

Comment by jigish thakar

Thanks Jigish.

Comment by lemonytree

Wonderful… I hope this story gets play all over the place…

Comment by Raju Bist

Thank you Raju!!!

Comment by lemonytree

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